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The Digital Era of Reporting

The Importance of Editing

Editing in a news organization is the backbone to all the reporting that happens.  Editors check facts, research information and names, and make sure newspapers, newsletters and broadcast material is as error-free as possible.  This was once one of the most important aspects in traditional media. Although it is still important today, there was once more of an emphasis on editing before there was the focus of speed and quantity.

At many large organizations, the more important it was for them to be viewed as a respectable organization, considering the mass audience that relied on its content. Today, with the evolution of web journalism, editing has taken a backseat when it comes to reporting the news.

With careful consideration, it is evident that editing is important in all forms of writing.  A company seeking employees will eliminate most applicants if anything is misspelled and if there are grammatical errors.

Just remember that when your work is accurate, you will make a better impression and be taken more seriously!


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